About Us

Daniel T. Ballard (Chief Puppeteer and Puppet Designer) is a second-generation puppeteer who specializes in foam and latex puppet construction. He draws from the beautiful variety of Earth’s creatures in his designs, to create characters that are appealing to all ages. He is the chief puppet designer and builder of Dolphin Wizard Co., which emphasizes a nature-based aesthetic and a satirical sense of humor, and the content that incorporates Dolphin Wizard Co. puppets, including the appearance of the company’s namesake puppet in a recent community theatre production, touches on the themes of creative expression and the waves and vibrations of human imagination. The company endeavors where possible to construct the puppets from repurposed or recycled materials. All puppets are hand-built, and designed to be both ergonomic and expressive.


Rachel Wayne (Manager) comes from a theatre background, where the need for efficiency and collaboration were instilled in her. She works hard to make a number of artistic projects happen and strongly believes in artists’ right to pursue their craft as a career. She also creates collages out of recycled magazine ads.

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