Dolphin Wizard Puppetry

Dolphin Wizard Puppetry’s chief puppetmaster and designer is Daniel Timothy Ballard, who has performed with Ibex Puppetry (Heather Henson’s company), taught puppetry to children and young adults, and designed and built puppets for both film and theatre.

Our current focus is a large-scale puppet show, Redrum Stepp Up Live! We’re happy to be a part of the vibrant cabaret scene in Gainesville, FL. Redrum Stepp Up Live! distorts the already complex relationship among puppeteers, the characters, and the audience by emphasizing comedy acts that break the fourth wall. Our production jolts the audience into thinking about their daily experience by pushing the normative limitations of the entertainment experience, while paying homage to cult films and bands. Characters include our namesake, Gainesville’s infamous magical cetacean, an overly squeamish pterodactyl whose gag reflex gets in the way of his telling jokes, puppets who interrupt the show with their own puppet acts, and special guests based on stereotypes of American pop culture.

We’re seeking some external funding to produce and tour this show, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we still construct puppets for special shows and events. Dan works with directors and production designers to design beautiful and functional puppets that match the show’s aesthetic, and is able to train the puppeteers as well. Follow the details here.

Want us to work with you on a show? Request a commission or recruit us for a construction here, or performance contract here (coming soon).

Want to work with us on a show? We’ll post audition notices for Redrum Stepp Up Live! as soon as we know the details. In the meantime, shoot us an email so we can have your info.