DolphinWizard Toys Hit the Market!

Packaging design by Derek M. Ballard, Toys designed and made by Daniel T. Ballard

Packaging design by Derek M. Ballard, Toys designed and made by Daniel T. Ballard

We are thrilled to announce that tonight our kaiju toys have been released as the Ghoulanoids, with a tie-in comic published by Sacred Prism.

According to designer Daniel T. Ballard, “The Ghoulanoids are 80s-throwback mini critter-creatures based on the mini-monster movie subgenre, Saturday morning cartoons.” The name is a portmanteau of the titles of “Ghoulies” the movie and “Inhumanoids” the TV show.

The comic, also called Ghoulanoids, is written by Stephen McClurg, a comic, children’s book author and haiku poet, among other things, and illustrated by Derek Ballard, Daniel’s brother, who works on “Adventure Time.” Check out Stephen’s writeups about Ghoulanoids here and here. He says,

Ghoulanoids will be a comic packaged with toys and published by Sacred Prism this fall. We’re early in the process, but our inspiration is most obviously from ‘80s toy lines and films like Critters and Phantasm. We hope to do something unique and fun with those flavors. That “we” is Daniel and Derek Ballard and me. I know the creators and the publisher are excited, I hope our readers will be. Did I mention that Daniel makes puppets and works with Heather Henson sometimes? Yeah, of THAT Henson family. Did I mention that Derek has his own comic book series and works on Adventure Time?

The toys are currently available via PayPal at this link. We’ll let you know as soon as we have our online shop up!

DolphinWizard Co Represented in Local Business Fest

Labor DazeWe were proud to be included in the Repurpose Project‘s booth at Labor Daze Fest, an annual festival celebrating local businesses and independent artists in downtown Gainesville, again in the beautiful Bo Diddley Community Plaza. Since we use many recycled and repurposed materials, we were pleased to represent the level of extraordinary artwork that can emerge from “trash.”

We delighted many children with our handmade leash puppets of dragons, gators, and dinosaurs, and connected with several folks about our upcoming shows. Stay tuned!